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from: time:2020-04-22


Paperless work solution in Telecom

Like other regular industries,Telecom staff will require to collect client’s personal by ID card,finger print and other similar information.



To fulfil this request,Eloam document scanner with multi-purpose customization for Telecom,such as multi-camera lens scanning,ID card identification,fingerprint collection,bar code recognition.Video and audio etc.


With one second image scanning by one click,all necessary document,file,ID card,certificate,sheet can be done simply,those important data will transfer to E-file storage and upload to cloud for management system.



Why Eloam document scanner for Telecom?


Professional software.

Our software has powerful image processing functions,OCR Technology, image conversion,regular office work integration and all in one.



Eloam scanner improves Telecom staff work with high efficiency,convenience and time-saving.


Cost Savings

Automated and accurate scanning and imaging services allow company to reduce financially hurtful inaccuracies and save on storage by papers.