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For banking staff,how to handle and collect necessary clients’ data/information quickly and accurately? 


It is a big concern for financial and banking institutions. Especially for banking staff,they have to deal with financial document scanning,imaging processes and ID card data collection, scanning documents can be a massive work.



Eloam document scanner has over 10 years of experience data processing, imaging, and scanning documents for over 150,000 local banks.


We offer on-site as well as off-site options to address the needs and goals of different banks. For those who opt for on-site solutions, we work with local banks to implement a plan for scanning and imaging documents efficiently.

Not only does this ensure greater accuracy, but it helps comply with personal data legislation.




Solutions in Action for Financial and Banking Document Scanning and Imaging

Financial and banking institutions require comprehensive document scanning.

and imaging solutions for all their incoming and outgoing documents.


Eloam high speed scanners, equipped with optical character recognition (OCR), are the perfect solution to containing the valuable data within these documents.


Why Eloam document scanner for Financial and Banking?


Professional software.

Our software has powerful image processing functions,OCR Technology, image conversion,regular office work integration and all in one.



Eloam ensures the highest standards of security for all documents that go through our processing system and management.


Cost Savings

Automated and accurate scanning and imaging services allow user to reduce financially hurtful inaccuracies and save on storage space by papers.